• Orange Lockdown

    21st July 2021

    Vets are an essential service, so even during the Orange lockdown we are still here to care for your pets! Our front door will have to stay closed during business hours – please ring 6360 3071 on arrival to let us know you are here and we will call you into the Hospital at the right time. Please – only ONE person to attend the appointment and do not come if you are unwell or a close contact of someone with Covid. If you are, then phone us to reschedule. Use the QR code to sign in to the hospital, sanitise your hands and wear a mask throughout your pet’s appointment.

    If you need food or medicaton for your pet, please ring us with as much notice as possible. We can take payment over the phone and then bring your goods out to your car!

    Thank you for your patience and support as we get through the next week together – we are working hard to make sure that everyone stays safe, and that we can remain open to give your pets the best care during these uncertain times.

  • Your pet could save a life!

    10th July 2021

    Seeking blood donors – an appeal from Dr Judith.

    Hello everyone, I’m writing to ask for your help. I’m sure you are aware of the mouse plague that has swept across the Central West. One result of this is the increased use of Ratbait in houses and on farms. Baits contain anticoagulents – chemicals which stop the blood clotting, and they can have a devastating effect on our pets. 

     Dogs can sniff out even the best hidden baits and are often poisoned directly. Cats tend to hunt sick or dying rodents, so the poison builds up more slowly inside their bodies. Vets across the region are seeing many dangerously ill pets with bleeding from the gums, or internally into lungs or the abdominal cavity.  To save the life of a poisoned pet, our vets must administer drugs to clot the blood but also fresh blood in the form of a transfusion. This is where you come in – with your pet! We need pets to sign up to be blood donors! 

    Dogs can receive a blood transfusion without “cross matching” (that’s when we test for blood type). To be on the donor list, your dog needs to be a calm temperament, in good health, fully vaccinated, over 18 months but less than 7yrs old, and over 25kgs in weight. When your dog goes on the blood donor list, he or she will receive a FREE health check up and FREE Heartworm test if necessary. If your dog is used for a blood donation, he or she will receive their next vaccination for FREE.  

    Cats are more complex in that they need blood cross matching before a transfusion. To be a good donor, a cat needs to be over 18 months but less than 7 yrs old, in good health, weigh more than 4kg and vaccinated. Before going on the donor list, your cat will receive a FREE health check up and FIV test. If used for a transfusion, your cat will receive his or her next Vaccination, including FIV, for FREE.  

    Your cat or dog could save a life! 

    My own dog Bailey saved many lives. He loved his donation visits to Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital where he got lots of treats and attention, and he was always bouncy and fighting fit the next day.  

    If you and your pets could help us out by going on the blood donors list, then please ring us on 6360 3071 for more information or to make an appointment. Thank you! 

  • Please wear a mask

    26th June 2021

    Health guidelines have changed again! Please wear a mask when visiting Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital and ensure only one person per pet attends the appointment. If you would prefer to wait in your car, please ring to let reception know you are here and we will call you straight into the consult room when the vet is ready to see you. If you’re unwell, please ring to reschedule your appointment. But your pet’s wellbeing is important – if you’re unwell and your pet needs care, then ring us and we will discuss a safe way in which we can see your pet!

  • Yes we are open!

    The journey to work has been tricky for some of the team, but YES we are open today 10th June! Many roads around Orange are closed so if you are having difficulty travelling, please ring to reschedule your appointment. Don’t take risk on the snowy roads. Take care today and enjoy the snowy views!

  • We are recruiting!

    Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital is looking for a Cert4 qualified veterinary Nurse with experience in all areas of small animal nursing, to work with our friendly team, who are passionate about high quality veterinary care for pets and wildlife. Mulberry Lane Vet is an ASAV accredited hospital, in a purpose built practice with excellent facilities and a high standard of care.

    Have you the following qualities?

    Good organisational skills, working well with systems and protocols?

    Are you task orientated with an eye for detail?

    Do you have good communication skills with clients and colleagues?

    Are you a kind and caring team player who can be flexible and adaptable?

    If you have the above qualities and want to join our team, please email your resume and a cover letter to reception@mulberrylanevet.com.au or ring 6360 3071 and ask to speak to Danni or Simone for further details. We look forward to hearing from you! Applications close 11th May.

Our passion is caring for your pet
02 6360 3071
Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital - 294 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800
Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800

02 6360 3071

Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800

02 6360 3071
Our passion is caring for your pet