Senior pets

Is your pet a senior?

An assessment and guide to how to care for your pet as he or she matures.
The following questions will help you assess whether your pet is showing outward signs of advanced ageing.

senior dog

Is your mature dog or cat:

  • Stiff, limping or having difficulty climbing stairs?
  • Drinking more water and /or urinating more?
  • Losing or putting on weight?
  • Showing lumps or bumps?
  • Losing interest in exercise?
  • Having trouble chewing hard foods and/or bad breath?
  • Showing signs of behavioural changes such as disorientation, forgetting commands, problems with housetraining or just less interactive
  • Showing an altered appetite

If you have ticked any of the above boxes please ring Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital on 63603071 for a vet check.

Your Senior pets are made to feel very special with their own Senior Card.
To ensure your senior pet remains in the best of health, we give free add on benefits each visit.

A dog or cat of 7 years of age is the equivalent of a person of 50 years – entering the “mature” years.

The body gradually changes as he or she ages.

The immune system declines so your pet is more prone to infections, the joints age and begin to creak, the body organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart also begin to show signs of wear.

The joys of getting older!

Don’t wait for outward signs of ageing. You can be proactive and help your pet aged 7 + live a longer, better quality life using the following helpful tips:

  • Exercise your dog at least once a day, two short walks a day will help keep you and your dog fit.
  • Play games like throwing the ball for your dog, chasing a torch light or a ball on a string with your cat
  • Take your pet for a health check by your vet at least twice a year
  • Feed your mature pet two small meals of a mature pet food per day instead of one large portion a day

Royal Canin have developed a highly palatable, mature range of dog and cat foods, which cater for your ageing pet. The optimal age to change you pet to a mature food is 7 years for cats, 7 – 8 years for small and medium dogs, as early as 5 years for large and giant breed dogs.

Call in to Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital to talk to one of our team who will provide you with nutritional information and advice regarding the best diet for your pet.

Our passion is caring for your pet
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Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital - 294 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800
Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800

02 6360 3071

Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800

02 6360 3071
Our passion is caring for your pet